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By Ari Rassouli, Account Executive of the PRSA Oregon Account Team

It is almost that time of year, when the rain turns to sunshine and sweat stains become an everyday occurrence. If you ever struggle picking out appropriate outfits for work because you are afraid of overheating, look no further! We have just the tips for you to stay classy while still comfortable in the heat.

Spring and summer temperatures tend to be shocking after cold and rainy winters. Sometimes the heat can be overwhelming and turtle necks and slacks are definitely not appropriate anymore.


–  The first fix is easy. For the long haired people out there, ponytails will shed off a few degrees of discomfort. For ladies, you can add a tasteful hair scarf or dangly earrings to compliment your look.

 –  As far as clothing options go, light fabrics are key.

–  Long skirts and flowy summer dresses are not only cute, but also comfortable and conservative.

–  Make the switch from dark colors to light colors. Khaki is an alternative to dark denim materials.

 –  Loose and light-colored button-downs will help to keep you cool and mobile.

 –  Chic and tasteful sandals will help avoid foot sweat and show off your personal style.


  –  Leave your flip flops and Birkenstocks at home; work is not the place for those!

 –  Avoid silk, unless you want noticeable sweat stains.

–  No working professional should ever show up wearing shorts.

–  Tank tops are usually not an appropriate option for work. If you do decide to go that route, be cautious of how much of your shoulders you show.

Hopefully your office is well air-conditioned and the heat will not be too staggering. If that is not the case, this guide should help you get through the warm seasons without a problem. Do not forget to take time to enjoy the warmth in your free time, before you know it you will be back to shivering and layering.