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Written by the Keap Athletics account team
Effective project management requires clear communication and consistency within a team.
Projects require many moving parts to all come together simultaneously as there might be
various teams or services within the management. These projects often come with fluctuating
and unexpected deadlines. A campaign can also benefit from other resources like influencers as
it promotes ideas efficiently. When working on a team it’s crucial to make sure all team members
are on the same page.
Project management requires all hands equally on deck in order to cover all details. In person,
meetings are essential to catch all details. Face to face meetings is excellent for clarifying each
team member’s responsibilities. Nowadays face to face communication is rare and
communication is done digitally. Digital communication is fast but often creates
miscommunication and makes it hard to clarify. An excellent tool to tackle communication
challenges is Slack. If you haven’t used Slack, Slack is a cloud-based communication tool which
allows coworkers or team members to the group and direct message. While face to face
meetings are ideal, it’s difficult for large groups of people to all meet at the same time.
When planning and executing a campaign it’s important to utilize all resources. A major tool for
brands is influencers. Influencers have a great platform to promote ideas, campaigns or
contests. Partnering with certain influencers that are congruent with the brand/project values is
critical in getting a large response or positive outcome. When managing a project with
influencers involved, it is also essential to have a mutually beneficial relationship, meaning the
influencers are getting something out of this project. For example, during our march madness
campaign, we gave our influencers free “swag” in exchange for posting about our campaign.
One of the most frustrating parts of project management is when your project doesn’t go the
way you planned and you run into crisis situations. It is definitely nerve racking to experience a
crisis situation, but if your team is prepared and works together it can be resolved. The first step
of crisis management comes before a crisis even arises. In your initial planning of a project your
team needs to identify potential vulnerabilities and discuss potential solution. Of course, many
times when a crisis arises your team is not prepared for that specific situation. However,
planning for any kind of crisis prepares you. It teaches you to stay calm, address the problem
openly and timely, and shows you that you don’t have to let a crisis ruin your project. The
second step to crisis management is coming together as a team and working quickly. A crisis is
usually time sensitive and needs to be dealt with immediately. The best way to do that is by
working as a team and taking action right away. Doing these things will not make cirisis
situations fun or easy, but it will allow your team to manage a crisis and get through it.
Project management is important to an organization because it allows for projects to be
completed efficiently. Although project management can seem daunting, it really is not that hard
if you just follow the steps outlined above. Working together and strong communication allows
your team to keep track of all detail and complete work in a timely manner. Getting help from