Written by Emily Soury of the Emerald account team.

Ben & Jerry’s, while known for its delicious ice cream and funky flavor names, has a lot more to offer than just delectable desserts. This is evident in Ben & Jerry’s mission statement: “To make, distribute, and sell the finest quality all-natural ice cream and euphoric concoctions with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the earth and the environment.” Corporations as notorious as Ben & Jerry’s have a vast impact on society, possessing the power to bring light and awareness to social issues and incur change.

Founders of Ben & Jerry’s take corporate social responsibility seriously, in regard to their business practices. The company has undoubtedly made CSR very central to their social mission, using the brand’s voice in innovative ways to make the world a better place. This is a contributing factor to the cult-like following that Ben & Jerry’s products have received around the world.

Unlike most companies, Ben & Jerry’s has linked its values on their website, showing transparency and ensuring their consumers and internal stakeholders of their dedication to supporting each of the communities they’re involved in, all while still guaranteeing a top-quality product.

However, Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t stop there. The company exceeds the normal expectations of a brand’s commitment to CSR by taking social matters into its own hands and integrating social messages into the pints’ unusual names. As the midterm elections approach, Ben & Jerry’s has stepped into the political arena by creating seven new ice cream flavors inspired by the democratic candidates running for House seats in the 2018 election. In a statement on MoveOn.com ‘s website, the platform for the campaign, founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield discussed how they wanted these flavors to “capture the essence of what each candidate stands for.” The founders chose these seven candidates because of their support for, “medicare for all, debt-free college and getting big money out of politics.”  This friendly competition shows how the founders of Ben & Jerry’s were able to combine their concern with the future of America and their large brand presence in order to advocate for change.

Since the start of their company, Cohen and Greenfield have stayed true to their values and mission statement by continuously advocating for social issues in an innovative way that helps them continue to grow their brand and strengthen relationships with their audiences and stakeholders. If there’s anywhere to look for help when it comes to integrating CSR into your business, Ben & Jerry’s is the first place to start.

If you’re interested in learning more about other issues that Ben & Jerry’s advocates for, head on over to their website!

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