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Written by Ainsley Blandford, Account Supervisor for Volunteers In Medicine.

As soon-to-be college graduates, we are hyper aware of the many good first impressions we have to make ahead of us. But what about our last impressions? Who and what do we say goodbye to? And more importantly, how?


Throughout our four years at the SOJC, we have met some incredible people. Our professors, our peers, our clients, and our surroundings have all shaped us as public relations professionals and adults (if you’re ready to say that word).


The Professors

If you’ve connected with your professors, or even just admire them, make it a point to stay in touch. As a final goodbye, without grades on the line, stop by their office and express your gratitude or even drop off a thank you note. Email them after graduation if you’re working on something you learned in their class. Add them on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter. Who knows? They may need to find a way to reach you about a job opening someone contacted them about. As weird as it may be, they are your peers now.


The Classmates

By the 50th group project in the journalism school, you have likely found a number of people who you continuously hope to have back on your team. Add them on LinkedIn and ask them to keep in contact with you. Maybe some day in the terrifying “real world” we’re entering, one of those group members will be in a position to help you get an interview at your dream agency, or vice versa.


The Clients

Did you really click with your campaigns class’ organization? Did the strategic plan you completed for the local brand feel like work you wanted to continue? Ask to set up an informational interview, and keep your eye out for that company. If they have an opening, and you have already worked with them, you undoubtedly have a leg up on the competition.


The College Town

Eugene is the perfect place to be a college student. We have the loudest fans, the most beautiful backyard, and some ridiculously delicious ways to ensure we remain broke college students. The sad truth is, we have fewer than two weeks left before we graduate. Whether you’re saying your goodbyes to your friends who’ve landed their dream jobs across the country, or just enjoying the wonderful and new spare time as a spring-term senior, make sure to stop at one of the places you’ll miss most. Hike Spencer’s Butte for sunrise, shop the Saturday Market for Eugene-style oddities, float the river to cool off, and spend one last Sunday afternoon at Sweet Cheeks to cheers to these incredible last four years.


For final meal suggestions, and serious cravings, read our (condensed) list of favorite Eugene eateries below:


  • The Vintage
  • Studio One
  • Tacovore
  • Beergarden
  • Bier Stein
  • Papa Soul Food
  • Sabai
  • Belly
  • Vanilla Jill’s
  • Red Wagon
  • Sweet Life
  • Prince Pucklers




Ainsley Blandford is currently the Account Supervisor for Volunteers In Medicine, a local healthcare nonprofit. In addition to AHPR, she works in communications for the University of Oregon Conference Services. Ainsley will be graduating in June and returning the Bay Area, where she hopes to start her career within the food and beverage industry.