Written by Account Executives Haley Dowell, Nikki Kesaris, Katie Thompson and Kristin Peixotto, and Account Supervisor Jenna Perlmutter, for the Susan G. Komen account team.

At any sight of sun, students at the University of Oregon emerge from their homes; attitudes become more cheerful and students seek the perfect outdoorsy study spot. Finding the best study spots around campus can be challenging, but we have compiled a list of our favorite spots to help you find yours we’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots!

Your Backyard:

For the past couple of months, your yards have been muddy, wet and undesirable.It is easy to forget serenity can be found in your own backyard! Spring term is the perfect time to bring out your lawn chairs,  immerse yourself in a good read or work on homework. Easily transform your yard into a peaceful study spot!

Knight Library Benches:

Need to go to the library, but want study outside on a sunny day? With an unobstructed view, the benches outside of the Knight library are one of the most popular study spots on campus. If you’re lucky to land a spot on these benches there is no need to worry about uncomfortably slouching on the allergy-prone grass. The best part about this study spot is that it’s a couple steps outside the library if you need to charge your laptop, get study help, or grab a bite to eat.

Outside the EMU:

The Erb Memorial Union (EMU) reopened in Fall 2016 after a three-year long renovation. The grand opening introduced so many awesome study spots for students, both inside and outside! Spring term calls for many sunny days and it can be challenging finding motivation to study. The EMU did a great job providing students with benches, chairs and picnic tables to study and spend time outside. It’s all covered, so students are in the shade, but still able to admire the sunshine. Grab a Starbucks or bubble tea from the EMU and a picnic table outside for all your studying needs!

Individual or Group Study Rooms in Knight Library

If you prefer a little more privacy or it gets too hot outside to focus on studying, individual study rooms in the Knight Library are the perfect go-to spot. These rooms allow for a peaceful study environment and a personal space to focus on your work without any environmental distractions. Did I  mention there’s air conditioning? There are rooms small enough for one person and large enough to fit groups of three or more. However, they fill up fast so arrive early or reserve a room online beforehand!

HEDCO Courtyard

The HEDCO education building has a beautiful courtyard with a large grassy area where you can lay out on a blanket and enjoy the sunshine while being productive. It’s a secluded part of campus that is quieter for optimal studying with plenty of tables and chairs to work comfortably. There is  also a cafe nearby so you can enjoy the sunshine with an ice cold drink in hand.

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