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2007-08 UO-based Sessions on Critical Thinking

Session 01 September 14, 2007
Introduction to Critical Thinking in session #1 of the 2007-08 series with online teacher trainers Deanna Hochstein and Leslie Opp-Beckman, Linguistics Department and American English Institute, University of Oregon.

Session 02 was with Marti Anderson on-site in Thailand.

Session 03 November 30, 2007
Critical Thinking in a reading context, using a Thai folktale as a shared basis for discussion and hands-on practice.

Previous Thai-UO projects

2004-2005 Past Sessions

See 2004-2005 Thai-UO Past Sessions for information about the first series of 10 sessions.

2005-06 Series, Sessions 1-5, Part I: Project-Based Learning

Session 01 November 18, 2005 
Introduction to Part I of the series on Project-based Learning with Leslie Opp-Beckman, Linguistics Department and American English Institute, University of Oregon.

Opening remarks from Russ Tomlin, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Oregon.

The following sessions also feature regular contributions from guest speaker Cynthia Kieffer, Director of Programs, American English Institute, University of Oregon.

Session 02 December 09, 2005
Setting project goals and creating project checklists.

Session 03 December 16, 2005
Aligning project goals and checklists with appropriate forms of assessment.

Session 04 January 20, 2006
A role-play style demonstration of two student projects.

Session 05 February 17, 2006
The final session on project-based learning with formative reviews and demonstrations of Thai projects.

2005-06 Sessions 6-10, Part II: Creating a Resource-Rich Classroom

Session 06 June 02, 2006
Introduction to Part II of the 2005-2006 series and a demonstration of student-generated materials and the creative use of classroom space to to help build an English-rich environment.

Session 07 June 16, 2006
Ideas for obtaining low cost reading materials and building collections of reading materials. This, combined with techniques such as “Readers Theater” and “Silent Sustained Reading” and “DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)” can help create a reading-rich environment that supports English language literacy development.

Session 08 July 14, 2006
Ideas for creating writing corners and integrating different forms of “writing for fun” activities in the classroom (advice columns, student newsletters, interactive bulletin boards or posters, mad libs, action maze stories, chain stories, freaky fairy tales, graffiti walls, “continuous comment” collages, etc.).

Session 09 July 28, 2006
Ideas for creating and using thematic realia collections in the English language classroom.

Session 10 August 11, 2006
This final session of the 2005-2006 series showcases demonstrations of materials that Thai teachers have created as part of their work for this second set of sessions.

Summer 2006, Special Session for Science and Math Education

By way of tribute to his long-standing commitment to high quality education for all Thai people, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics, University of Oregon faculty and staff were pleased to offer a special celebratory session in honor of the auspicious occasion of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 60th Anniversary, the Diamond Jubilee of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne. See Special Science and Math Session for supporting documents and additional information.