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This website represents the content in a 10-part professional development series for English as a Foreign Language educators in Thailand. It is taking place during the months of November 2005 – August 2006. Two cohorts of teachers will participate in the training in Hua Hin and Bangkok, and teachers nationwide can gather together to watch the videoconferences live at provincial ERIC centers. Sessions are rebroadcast on television stations at regular times afterwards. University of Oregon is proud to be partnering with the Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy in Bangkok, the Royal Thai Distance Learning Foundation, the Thai Ministry of Education, colleagues at Chulalongkorn University, and colleagues at ThaiTESOL on this innovative and exciting project. Visit our websites–listed in alphabetical order below–to learn more about each of us.

For more information contact the project coordinator for University of Oregon, Leslie Opp-Beckman:

Email: leslieob@uoregon.edu or Web Contact Form.

541.346.3945, Main Office
541.346-1095, Voicemail
541.346-3917, FAX

Mailing address:
5212 University of Oregon
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Institutions, Professional Organizations, and Government Agencies

Following is a list–in alphabetical order–of the key players in helping make the videoconferencing project a success.

Chulalongkorn University

Contributing organizational support and translation services.

Royal Thai Distance Learning Foundation and TOT Communications

Responsible for the videoconferencing and subsequent media streaming services on the Thai side.


Contributing organizational support.

Thai Ministry of Education

Makes it possible for teachers to be released from classes on the day they attend the videoconference sessions in Hua Hin and Bangkok.

University of Oregon, American English Institute

Providing guest lectures and content expertise in the area of second language acquisition and language teaching practices. Responsible for organizing the overall UO program.

University of Oregon, Center for Media and Educational Technologies

Providing UO website design and graphics along with videoconferencing and media streaming services on the UO side.

University of Oregon, Linguistics Department

Providing guest lectures and content expertise in the area of second language acquisition and language teaching practices.

University of Oregon, Teaching Effectiveness Program

Providing guest lectures and consulting expertise in the area of online learning.

US Embassy Bangkok, Public Affairs Office

Contributing funding and organizational support.