Fall 2009 ELT Reflective Blog


Every week, your assignments include the following. Discussions are asynchronous (not in “real time”) and housed on the Nicenet course management system.

  • Readings and discussions.
  • Update your reflective blog per instructions below. This will begin in Week 2.

Reflective Blog

Update and Post your weekly comments on your blog

This section of the website has information on your Reflective Blog. Every week, you will add at least one comment to your blog, reflecting on what you did and learned this week, and how you might apply it to your classes.

In Week 2, we will work on creating a blog at www.blogger.com. You can download a copy of the how-to handout.

These instructions apply after you have created your own blog.

  1. Log into your blog at www.blogger.com
  2. Create a new post. Make sure that you include the week (Week 2, Week 3, etc.)
  3. Publish your post. Remember that you can go back and edit your post if you would like to do so.

Your blog will be an ongoing record of what you are doing in the course and your reflections. At the end of the course, you will be able to look back and create a summary post that gives an overview of what you have done and what it means to you.