Workbook Lessons

Offline Weekly Rosetta Stone or Printable Workbook Lessons


Every week you finish these 4 things:

  • An online Reading Circle topic and discussion.
  • An online Self-Study Site activity.
  • An offline Rosetta Stone or Printable Workbook Lesson.
  • Your Weekly Report and Work Plan.

Weekly Offline Self-Study Assignments: Rosetta Stone or Workbook Lesson

This section of the website has two choices for offline self-study activities. You should choose one of these things to do each week:

  1. Rosetta Stone Software: If your school has Rosetta Stone and if you find this software useful, you can choose to do one or more lessons every week. You can choose from Levels 1, 2 or 3.
  2. Workbook: If there is no Rosetta Stone available to you or if you do not want to do it, you can complete a workbook lesson each week.

Workbook Lessons

Print and do the Spring 2009 workbook lessons (answers included for self-checking at the end of each lesson):

Print and do the Winter 2009 workbook lessons you which interest you below. Check your work with the answer key when you are finished with each one.

Articles in simplified format with answer keys:

Articles in simplified format with answer keys, plus audio (listening) files and listening exercises:

Articles in both simplified and original formats with answer keys, plus some with interactive activities: