Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports and Work Plans (closed 6/22/09)


Every week you finish these 4 things:

  • An online Reading Circle topic and discussion.
  • An online Self-Study Site activity.
  • An offline Rosetta Stone or Printable Workbook Lesson.
  • Your Weekly Report and Work Plan.

Weekly Reports & Work Plans

Write, Save, and Send Your Report & Work Plan

This section of the website has information on your Weekly Report and Work Plan. Every week, you will write a new Weekly Report and Work Plan. Fill in your answers for both pages. Your answers will be different every week.

    1. Type in your information on pages 1 and 2.

      Save your work in 2 places. Always make a back-up copy!
    1. FILENAME: 
      1. Put your name and the number of the week in the filename. For example, if your name is Jean Smith and this is Week 1, the name of your file will be:
  • SEND:

    You can submit your Weekly Report and Work Plan to your teacher in one of two ways:

A) Email attachment

Attach your saved file to an email message, and send it to your teacher.

B) Web form.

Copy and paste your answers from your report into the Report Web Form (closed 6/22/09).