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Online Weekly Self-Study Sites


Every week you finish these 4 things:

  • An online Reading Circle topic and discussion.
  • An online Self-Study Site activity.
  • An offline Rosetta Stone or Printable Workbook Lesson.
  • Your Weekly Report and Work Plan.

Online Self-Study Website

This section of the website has the Online Self-Study Site choices from Fall 2008, Winter 2009, and Spring 2009. Links will not be maintained after the completion of the course 6/22/09. You can go to websites below for…

Fall 2008 |Winter2009 | Spring 2009


Fall 2008

Set #1, Adventures

Set #2, Food

Set #3, People and Colors

Set #4, Sports

Set #5, US Places

Set #6, Famous People

Set #7, The Ideal School

Set #8, Fall Holidays: Halloween (October) and Thanksgiving (November)


Winter 2009

Choices, Review of Fall 2008 and Winter 2009 Self-Study Choices:

Set #1, Smoking

  • Go toYou and Me, Smoke-Free Quiz and try the quiz! What was your score? Did you learn anything surprising?
  • Go toTobacco Free and ENTER the interactive website. What were 2 interesting things you found here?
  • Go toJoe Chemo. Who is he and what does he wish? Try the activities (Test Your Tobacco IQ, Smoke-o-Scope, Send a Free E-Card, etc.).
  • Go toTobacco World and try one or more of the quizzes. Check your answers with the answer key on the same page.
  • Go toVideo Center, Human Atlas: Smoking Cessation. Note: This site may require a faster Internet connection. If you watch it, ask yourself which kind of self-study site you like best? A video one like this one, or one of the others above instead? And, why?

Set #2, Heroes

  • Go toDirectory of Heroes.
    This is a list of many kinds of “heroes.” Choose one or more heroes to read about. Do you agree that it is a good example of a hero? Why, or why not?
  • Go toMartin Luther King, Jr., The Legacy of a Leader.
    Look at a slideshow of Dr. King’s life. You can also take a quiz. What 2 new things did you learn about him? 
  • Go toMLK Online.
    Choose: Read one of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most important speeches. You can also listen to it and view a short video of the 1963 speech in Washington, D.C. What important message was he telling the people of America? Do you think this message is still important today? Why, or why not?
  • Go toModal Quiz 1ESL Quiz Center, Modal Quiz 1, and/or ESL Modals, I-TESL-J, Igor Gashchuk.
    Heroes do what they “should,” “can,” and “must” (these are all modals). Take a quiz and check your grammar knowledge about modals!

Set #3, 7 Wonders of the World

Set #4, Environment

Set #5, New Technologies

  • Go toRoboCop Shoots Nets. Video (may download slowly). As you are watching, try to take notes and answer these questions: Who would want to use this and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Would you want to have one?
  • Go toVisual Thesaurus. See connections among words and expand your vocabulary. Start by typing in ” bicycle” and see what you get. Try other words. You can move the mouse over any word to get a definition.
  • Go toSuperlatives Quiz and/or Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz. Grammar practice.

Set #6, Valentines Day Holiday (February 14th)

  • Go toSt. Valentine Quiz. Test your knowledge of the history of Valentine’s Day.
  • Go toValentine’s Day Vocabulary Quiz. Select the correct word to test your vocabulary.
  • Go toVintage Valentines. Look at the University of West Virginia’s interesting antique Valentine’s Day card collection. Choose one to write and send to a friend.
  • Go toFlowers to Mail. Arrange a bouquet of flowers in this interactive website.
  • Go toChocolate Challenge: Take an interactive quiz to test your knowledge of this delicious treat. (Warning: May download slowly).

Set #7, Human Characteristics

  • Go toPower Animals. Choose a card. Which animal did you get? Do you agree with the qualities described? What did you learn?
  • Go toWorld Music Quiz. Take the quiz to see what you know about the countries of some famous world musicians.
  • Go to: Music Vocabulary. Test your knowledge of music vocabulary.

Set #8, Money

Set #9, Famous People in Pop Culture

  • Go to: Cinema. Learn more about how Hollywood movies are made.
  • Go to: Match the Eyes to the Star. Drag the eyes to the Hollywood movie star names.
  • Go to: Color Oprah. Just for fun, try this interactive coloring page.
  • Go toOprah’s New Dog. Learn about the new addition to Oprah’s family.
  • Go to: Slumdog Millionaire. The official movie website. (Caution: may load slowly).
  • Go toBollywood. Read about how Simple English Wikipedia describes Bollywood.
  • Go to: Bombay TV. Make your own English subtitles for Bollywood movies.
  • Go toFilm Collocations. Quiz yourself on common movie vocabulary.
  • Go to: Spelling Bees Interactive. Challenge your spelling abilities. Start with grades 6-8. Try 9-10 or 11-12 for harder ones.


Spring 2009

Set #1, Nature

Set #2, Survival of the Fittest

Set #3, World Culture

Set #4, Families

Set #5, Healthy Lifestyles

Set #6, Eating

Set #7, Jobs (Careers)

  • Go toMatching Jobs. Match the jobs to the descriptions.
  • Go toThe Insight Game. Take a quiz to find out what type of person you are (click on “skip” to enter).
  • Go toThe Doctor is In. Find out about what an eye doctor does.
  • Go toFind a Career. Answer a questionnaire to find a career.
  • Go toJob Hunting 1 and Job Hunting 2. Listen and check your comprehension.
  • Go toJob Hunting 3 (challenge yourself). Listen and check your comprehension.
  • Go toHomophones. Take a quiz about words that sound the same, but are spelled differently.
  • Go toGrammar. Drag and drop “but,” “too,” and “either.”

Set #8, Music and the Effects of Sound

Set #9, English Around the World