Reading Circle

Online Weekly Reading Circle


Every week you finish these 4 things:

  • An online Reading Circle topic and discussion.
  • An online Self-Study Site activity.
  • An offline Rosetta Stone or Printable Workbook Lesson.
  • Your Weekly Report and Work Plan.

Online Self-Study Readings

This section of the website has the Online Self-Study Reading choices from Fall 2008, Winter 2009, and Spring 2009. Links will not be maintained after the completion of the course 6/22/09. You can go to websites below for…

Fall 2008 |Winter2009 | Spring 2009

Vocabulary Help

For help with new vocabulary in the Reading Circle Topics below, you can use the Al-Awwal English-Arabic Dictionary or iTools (see: Language Tools > Dictionary). You can hear the pronunciation of the word in English with the online dictionary. For more English-to-Arabic dictionaries, see: Arabic References,

Fall 2008

Reading #01Computers and Girls.
Reading #02Mobile Phone Throwing.
Reading #03Shark Attack.
Reading #04Baby Panda Born in Zoo.
Reading #05Design a Panda Habitat.
Reading #06American Food.
Reading #07: Super Food.
Reading #08History of Halloween.
Reading #09: How Halloween Works.
Reading #10: How to Carve a Pumpkin.
Reading #11The History of the Olympics.
Reading #12: Basketball.
Reading #13The 50 States of the USA.
Reading #14: U.S. Census Quiz.
Reading #15Meet Amazing Americans.
Reading #16: Learn about Famous Americans.
Reading #17: Famous Americans.
Reading #18The First Thanksgiving.
Reading #19: Thanksgiving Fun.
Reading #20: Museum of Laziness.
Reading #21What Color Is Your Soul Painted?
Reading #22: Van Gogh’s Van Gogh.
Reading #23School Tests Harm Science Education.
Reading #24: English Around the World.


Winter 2009

Reading #01Smokers Have a New Way to Quit.
Reading #02How to Break Bad Habits and Develop Good Ones.
Reading #03Popular New Years Resolutions.
Reading #04What Makes a Hero?
Reading #05Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Reading #06: Feature: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Reading #07Seven Wonders of the World.
Reading #08The New Seven Wonders.
Reading #098 Day Nile Voyager.
Reading #10Gasoline Usage Quiz.
Reading #11Endangered Species.
Reading #12Save the Forest.
Reading #13The Sideways Bike.
Reading #14Cars from the Future.
Reading #15The Glasses that Can Find Anything.
Reading #16: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Reading #17: Love Quotes.
Reading #18: All about Chocolate (challenge yourself).
Reading #19: 10 Grateful Steps to Happiness.
Reading #20: Working Dogs.
Reading #21: Miracle Musician.
Reading #22: Man Realizes He Is a Lottery Winner.
Reading #23: What is Energy?
Reading #24: Lunar Real Estate.
Reading #25: Oprah Winfrey.
Reading #26: Slumdog Millionaire.
Reading #27Main Film Genres.


Spring 2009

Reading #01A Miracle in New York. A plane with 155 people crashed in the river. Read about what happened.
Reading #02Flowers in Bloom. There are six pictures with text. Look at the pictures and read about the spring flowers.
Reading #03The Guinness Book of World Records. Find out about some very unusual people.
Reading #04Fast Car. How fast would you want to go in a car?
Reading #05Diwali, India’s Festival of Light. What happens during this holiday?
Reading #07The Sherpa People of Nepal.How does these people live compared to teh way you live?
Reading #08Birth on a Plane. What happened on this plane trip?
Reading #09Leopard Mothers. What is special about these mothers?
Reading #10Health and Nutrition Quiz. Take this quiz to test your familiarity with health and fitness issues.
Reading #11Catching a Cold. Learn more about the common cold.
Reading #12Garlic: The Wonder Drug. Do you like garlic? Do you think is can make you healthy? Find out what some other people think.
Reading #13In Japan, Men are Learning to Cook. Who cooks in your family? Find out about how the roles of men and women changing in one country.
Reading #14Who Mentored Oprah Winfrey? Read about one teacher who helped mentor Oprah in choosing her job.
Reading #15Who Would You Like to Meet? Click on the name of one of the people on the left side (James, Ian, Scott, etc.). Identify 3 facts about that person and his or her job.
Reading #16Playing Music Can Make You Smarter. Read about what some scientists are learning.
Reading #17Traditional World Dance. Chose one dance to learn about (Spanish Flamenco, Native American PowWow). Click and read about that dance type.
Reading #18English Around the World. Learn about English spoken in different places in our world.
Reading #19The Hardest Language. Is it hard to learn English? Find out about which languages are the hardest to learn.
Reading #20Tips for Learning Language. Read about some suggestions to make it easier to learn.