Fall 2010 Projects

Vol.2. No.1, Fall 2010

Participants in all E-Teacher courses create unique, individual projects as part of their course work. These projects include materials and concepts from the courses which participants have chosen to apply in practical and appropriate ways to their local educational settings.

Each term, E-Teacher instructors select projects of exemplary high quality to be published in PDF format, with each author’s permission, on this section of the website. The projects in this Gallery serve as work samples for prospective E-Teacher educators and as concrete evidence of participants’ success.

Course: English as a Foreign Language Assessment, UMBC

Course: English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Best Practices, UO AEI

Course: Methods I, Best Practices in TESOL, UMBC

  • Author: Ivana Kokar from Zarko Zrenjanin Elementary School in Novi Sad, Serbia.
    Project: Me and My Family.
  • Author: Victoria Alexandrovna Ostankova from Secondary School 34, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Kamchatka, Russia.
    Project: Why don’t you get a job?

Course: Methods II, Developing EFL Literacy Through Project-Based Learning (PBL), UO AEI

  • Author: Mirian Maria de Resende from Inter Americano CCBEU, Curitiba, Brazil.
    Project: Literature Course.