A selection of revised and peer-reviewed papers from ACAL 46 will be published by Language Science Press in their new Contemporary African Linguistics series ( The ACAL 46 volume editors are Professors Doris Payne and Mokaya Bosire (and possibly a third student editor). The Contemporary African Linguistics series editors are Professors Akinbiyi Akinlabi and Lee Bickmore.

If you presented work at ACAL 46 (talk or poster), we encourage you to submit your paper for consideration for inclusion in this publication. For every communication about your paper, please include your last name (surname) in the subject heading, plus a short informative phrase.

REVIEW. Please note that all papers will be peer-reviewed and there will be a selection process. In other words, not all submissions are guaranteed to be accepted.

SUBMISSION & DEADLINE. The strict deadline for submissions is Friday July 10, 2015, roughly three months from now. Please email your submissions to Doris Payne and Mokaya Bosire via the address:

LENGTH. Your paper should be between 6,000 and 7,000 words (about 15 pages), including all figures, tables, examples, and references.

MANUSCRIPT FORMAT. When you submit your manuscript for review, use your last name as the first word of the file name (e.g., Payne_Nilotic_nominalization.docx, or Bosire_Sheng.docx).

For review purposes, we must receive your manuscript in two forms. Send it both as a .doc (or .docx, or .rtf) and as a .pdf file.

Your initial submission for review should follow Language Science Press style “LSPGenericStyle Rules” as closely as possible. Among other things, note that footnotes are used (not endnotes), and that both acknowledgments and abbreviations should be in separate named sections after the main text but before the references. (Language Science Press typically requires eventual submission in LaTeX. We will let authors whose papers are accepted know about procedures to convert manuscripts to LaTeX later.)

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to creating a high-quality volume.