The Writing Lab hosted by TLC has been serving UO students for decades.

The Lab offers in-person tutorials, and workshops to all UO students. In recent years, it has seen increasing number of international student seeking its various services. Users of the Writing Lab services who self-identified as non-native speakers of English accounted for over 75% of the total Writing Lab visits for the 2013-2014 academic year. Because of the fact that the Writing Lab serves such a high percentage of international students, ISSS worked with TLC in fall 2014 to form a partnership in order to expand and strengthen services to international students.

The Writing Lab Service for International Students offers 8 new Writing Workshops (Monday afternoons 2-3:20pm at PLC 72 for Fall 2015 Term) to international students, with a focus on writing mechanics, has added addition of 4 more tutors to the original staff of 12, and moved consultations to the 4th floor in the Knight Library.

ISSS has also hired a Writing Specialist for International Students, expanded daily and weekend service hours, and developed guest speaker series featuring faculty from English and linguistics departments.