Primate Osteology Lab

Mentorship/Research Opportunity: Primate Osteology Lab

Mentor Name: Colin Brand

Mentor Email Address:

Mentor’s Faculty Advisor: Frances White

Research Subfield: Biological

Research Keywords:

primate morphology, behavioral ecology, evolution

Description of opportunity:

Student volunteers help maintain our collection of non-human primate skeletal material and our comparative collection of non-primate specimens. Following lab training, students may develop research projects on primate morphology, physiology, behavior, and/or ecology that build upon or expand the lab’s research interests.

Number of opportunities available: We typically have approximately 10 undergraduate volunteers at any given time.

Specific tasks involved:

Students help maintain the collection which includes processing specimens and updating the database. Research tasks vary depending on the project.

Professional development and or skills to be gained:

We strive to provide training for interested undergraduates in a number of ways. First, students learn anatomy and physiology as well as curatorial skills while interacting with our physical collection. The research process further facilitates the development of multiple skills, including hypothesis testing and statistical analysis.

Any certification, clearance, and/or previous training/experience required?


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