AAD 610 —-Company Branding Questions

#Orgnazation Mission Statement

1. What is your organization or company. Give background history including who, when, and why it was founded.

My organization is Beijing-Broadway Cinematheque . It is presently a unique cultural landmark in HK and recently set up its first branch in Beijing – Broadway Cinematheque MOMA, short as bc MOMA. bc MOMA is the first art-house cinema in mainland China, under the Broadway Circuit operated and managed by EDKO Films Ltd and has officially been open since the end of December 2009.

2. What do they do or make – describe the products and services and what makes them unique.

bc MOMA serves their audience with art films which cannot be seen from any other commercial cinema in mainland China. Besides the films, bc MOMA as well provide their locations for art programs and activities such as film festivals, exhibitions, lectures giving by artists, art saloons , charity events, etc.

With their services, the bc MOMA is not only a cinema , but is becoming a cultural center of Beijing.

3. Describe the culture of the organization or company. What is the work environment like – the atmosphere? What is the building like – exterior/interior, architecture, fittings and furniture? How do the employees work together? What are the jobs and roles of individuals? How are they treated by management?

Being the unique Cinematheque in mainland China, bc MOMA proudly continues to uphold the attitudes that bc pursues in promoting film culture, showcasing internationally acclaimed films from China and abroad,  highlighting and supporting emerging Chinese film makers.

The bc MOMA is located in a high-grade residential very close to  a central business district of Beijing. The building is under styles of LOFT and modern, surrounded by artificial lakes and international standard landscape architect.   It consists of three screens with a total number of 400 seats and a 300 square meter café-bookstore called Kubrick.

The structure of employees is as same as a commercial cinema, since bc MOMA has only three screens , they have less people in each position.

4. Who is the targeted audience? What are their demographics?

Film lovers ,those who specially interested in art films.

white collars.

Those who involved in art works or organizations.

5. What is the organization or company mission statement?


By sourcing high-quality films from around the world, by bringing diverse and multicultural films to the audience and by bridging both commercial and arts films, the bc MOMA offering of a chance for youth directors to screen their works; encouraging the development of the cultural appreciation of the audience and provoking a mutual communication between directors and audiences. With the severs is to facility a flow of ideas and a connection between people and cinema with a culture-rich community for film enthusiasts.


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