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A&AA Voices project stimulates discussion

Who isi your hero?

The AAA Voices project is a message-sharing installation meant to stimulate discussion and give voice to hidden opinions, identities and values.  The installation outside of 206 Lawrence Hall invites participants to interact through material, light and shadow. Pushing a canvas scrim shifts the soft shadowed questions into  sharp legibility.

Students, faculty and staff can leave their answers by writing on cards or by typing into a computer projection.

Other parts of the installation engage the audience to leave their mark by transforming moire patterns, reshaping twistable components, directing light and customizing paper dolls.

The installation was created by Architecture students Erik Hegre and Matt Linn under the supervision of Associate Professor Nancy Cheng, assisted by Daniele Cohen, Jocelynn Gebhart, Stacy Hsu and Phil James.

The work was supported by the AAA Equity and Diversity Fellowship, McKenzie Scaffolding and Mac Industries.

AAA community members are invited to contribute their thoughts from Monday May 11 to Friday May 22, 2009.

Meet the contributors on Monday May 18, 2009 at 5:15pm at the installation outside of Lawrence Hall.  Light refreshments will be served.