Historic Preservation and Architecture students participate in Croatia Summer Field School

Students participate at Croatia Summer Field School

Pictured here are UO Architecture grad students Hank Warneck and Jesse Crupper, who participated in the University of Oregon Historic Preservation Program’s Croatia Summer Field School, Summer 2009. The school was directed by Dr. Kingston Heath, Director of Historic Preservation at U of O, and assisted by Prof. Rob Thallon and the Croatia Ministry of Culture.

A total of 11 students participated, 2 from University of Zagreb and 9 from the US (5 from U of O – 2 Architecture, 3 Historic Preservation). During the 4 week field school, students documented a 19th century stone schoolhouse, a 16th century stone village, and built a new roof on a 16th century house. In addition, the group studied many local sites, including three World Heritage sites, and contributed to the nomination of the Blaca Monastery as a new World Heritage site. At the end of the session, the student work was exhibited at an event attended by local politicians and representatives of the Ministry of Culture.  The local news media also covered the event in the newspaper and on television.

This inaugural year was deemed a resounding success, and plans are being made for an even more ambitious curriculum next year.