AAD Professor John Fenn performs with I Am Spartacus at the Oak Street Speakeasy in Eugene, OR

I Am Spartacus gets down at the Oak Street Speakeasy, August 15th, 2008, in Eugene, Oregon. The lead singer on these selections is John Lysaker, and the accompanying musicians are Steve Brence, Jeff Stolle, John Fenn and Ben Saunders. Professor Lysaker is the Philosophy dept head at the University of Oregon (TK’s boss) and the others are his colleagues and former students at the U in the Business, Folklore and English depts.

The new issue of CultureWork has been released (July 2008. Vol. 12, No. 2)

In this issue, Tina Rinaldi shares her experiences and reflects on serving as a novice chair for a community cultural planning committee. Drawing on her time on this advisory committee, Rinaldi provides an overview of the challenges and successes for citizen-led cultural review. What does it mean for the arts and culture professional to work in a forum with a high level of community participation? What are the roles of each stakeholder? Rinaldi addresses these and other questions of this dynamic and exigent forum for municipal cultural engagement.