UO Art Student Learns at Gucci in London with New Internship

After three months of living and working in London, UO art student Austin Sconyers Snow is ready to complete her internship with Gucci and return to the states to apply what she has learned. Austin, who will finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Metals and Jewelry in December was recommended by faculty members for an internship with Gucci Group for the Fall 2007 term.

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UO Art Student - Austin Sconyers Snow - Gucci Intern

University of Oregon students award $10,000 to Eugene nonprofit agencies

Doulas Supporting Teens and M.E.C.C.A., the Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts, each received $5,000.

The grants are funded by the Stewart Foundation, which was created by Faye and Lucille Stewart who were prominent members of the local community. Its mission is to support local community nonprofit organizations.

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Artist's Request: Styrofoam needed for giant robots called Styrobots

From Michael Salter, Associate Professor, Digital Arts:

I make giant styrofoam robots called Styrobots. They are built from those strange shapes of polystyrene used to pack and ship fragile objects, like electronics and glassware. Commonly called styrofoam the material is difficult to recycle and unfriendly to the environment. It would extremely helpful if everyone who comes by this material could save it for me for use on my latest project.

Michael Salter - StyrobotI have been commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art to build a giant 22 foot Styrobot. The exhibition date is in April and it’s swiftly approaching. In order to complete the sculpture I will need quite a bit more polystyrene than I currently have. The best pieces for my work are what might be described as typical styrofoam, not the new-age soft kind, not packing peanuts, but the kind that typically comes with computers or computer monitors. It’s always white and comes in every shape imaginable.

I am currently stationed in 130 Pacific Hall and any styrofoam donations could be left outside my door for collection, or if you have a large load just drop me an email and I will pick it up. My gratitude and appreciation to all those who keep my project in mind as they come across this material and consider my application of it. Attached is a photo of a piece I made a few years ago, and more of my work can be seen at http://www.copyrightsalter.com. Again, thanks for your time and help.