Sorry, this week’s 4Dbio jobs report is three days late. I’m going to still try to publish these on Wednesdays, and this report will cover June 13-19. On June 26 I’ll have another report.

I’m late this week because: 1) My wife, Samantha Hopkins, needed the home PC to prep for the 2013 Evolution Meetings, and I was too lazy to either dig out the old laptop or try to compose a blog post on my iPad (doable, but a hassle). and 2) My new-ish home desktop PC died immediately after Sam left for Evolution as though it knew its duty was fulfilled. So I sit here typing on the laptop I bought to complete my postdoc, back in 2007, dusted off to bring y’all another week of jobs postings. I wonder if it will run Bioshock Infinite

Scanning GSA, SVP, Vert Paleo Mailing List, and Chronicle of Higher Ed, I have found five postings that are current, one on the tenure-track. There were no appropriate Science, ASM, SICB or SSE jobs this week. For four weeks now ESA has absolutely no jobs listed…. I’m not judging, but they may fall off my trolling list soon.

Closing July 5:

Here’s one I got on the Vert Paleo Mailing list:

Coordinator of Undergraduate Labs for Earth and Env. Sci, U Illinois at Chicago

Closing July 7:

Another one from the Vert Paleo Mailing list:

Lecturer in Geoscience, University of Leicester.

Closing September 16:

Tenure Track (any level) in stable isotope geochem, Temple U

No closing date:

(COI flag) Our department at UO is seeking a sabbatical replacement to teach intro geo, petrology, field methods, etc. (see the ad for details.)

Lecturer in Geology, University of Houston-Downtown