So, I thought it would be a service to the community if I started posting 4D bio job advertisements that I run across in my websurfing. I know that I’ve often been frustrated by the dispersed nature of jobs for the 4D biologist. You have to follow the jobs at GSA, SVP, ESA, and a whole slew of other neo-biology societies. Plus Science’s job listing and the old Chronicle of Higher Ed listings. Plus others I’m forgetting (which you can post in the comments, if you please!).

My idea is this: I will try to regularly troll the job ads, as I should be doing as a good academic, and I’ll post 4D bio appropriate listings here with a Job Advertisement category and appropriate tags (paleoecology, anatomy, curation, etc.). If you want to find a 4D bio job, you can look for these posts. If you know of other 4D bio jobs that I’ve missed, let me know: if we get enough people contributing, this can become a really useful resource for finding all of those obscure, but vital, positions for folks working on biology in all four dimensions.