Lunar New Year Demos

Happy Year of the Dragon!

This past weekend, UO Wushu had the opportunity to perform at two culture club events celebrating the Lunar New Year. Saturday’s (1/21) demo was for the UO Chinese Students and Scholars Association and Sunday’s (1/22) was for the Chinese Association of OSU in Corvallis.

The club would like to thank both both groups for inviting us to perform as well as congratulate two of our beginners – Luke Vang and Tom Tang for demoing with us.

New YouTube Channel & UO Wushu in the News

If you haven’t already, check out the team’s YouTube channel! We’re still tracking down some competition videos, but as it is, the channel’s purpose is to provide interesting and relevant information to club members and give the general public a sense of who we are and what wushu is.

As of now, you can find these things on the channel:

- Competition videos of current members and alumni (club history)

- “Thriller” performances (club history)

- Videos that EVERY wushu athlete needs to watch at least five times (reference)

- Beginner weapons basics and forms (reference)

- Media coverage (club info/history)

On the subject of media coverage, both the club and current coordinator Dana Macalanda were recently featured in the Oregon Daily Emerald. The video covering the club and the article on Dana can be found on the Emerald’s website.

On an unrelated note: The “Thriller” video/s from this Halloween will be up soon. Soon as in probably after finals week.

First Practice and Open House

Welcome to a new year with UO Wushu!

To all those who came to our first official practice on Monday (9/26), thanks for showing up and working hard!

An important date to take note of is Thursday (9/29) – the Club Sports Open House. It will be held on the EMU Concourse and will run from 6-7:30 pm. Every team affiliated with Club Sports will have a booth there, so this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in finding out more about the club to ask questions.

Returning members: You aren’t required to attend the open house, but if you’d like to help with set-up (5-6 pm) that would be super awesome. If you can’t make it for the set-up, feel free to stop by the table and say hi if you have time. Thanks!

Team Trials and Summer Practices

The USAWKF National Team Trials are almost upon us, so here’s a breakdown of important info for those interested in heading down to support Nathan, Colin, and friends from Champion Wushu and NW Wushu. JIAYOU EVERYONE!!!


Facebook Event:

When: June 25-26

Where: Civic Auditorium, 135 W San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA

Cost: $20 a day or $30 for both days

Time: 8 a.m. (based on when athlete warm-up starts) – 6 p.m. or 10 p.m.(?)

Ze Plan: Rental car, adventure time, boom.

Moving onto the topic of Summer Practices, there will be no officially scheduled practices until fall term. However, there are a number of people in Eugene who will be training regularly. If you’re interested in meeting up, go ahead and post on the Facebook page as some already have.


Congratulations to everyone who graduated today!!!

Leah Chan, Jenny Chen, Colin Cook, Tom Diamond, Jimmy “Brandon” Fleck, Nathan Andrus-Hughes, Jakkapon (Chat) Phanthuwongpakdee, Alex Phay, Liz Shepard, and Michelle Yoo – hooray for being done/free and best of luck on all your new adventures.