Scholarships and Aid

Please direct questions to Perri at or call 541-346-4095.


Need some extra money for your event? The Women’s Center wants to help be part of your event! Fill out the cosponsor form, and email it to Perri at or drop it off at the ASUO Women’s Center. 

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ASUO Women’s Center Child Care Reimbursement

Child care reimbursement are available through the Women’s Center to students, faculty and staff attending University events. You pay your family childcare provider, and the Women’s Center will reimburse your cost. Applications are available on their website and can be dropped off at the Women’s Center prior to your event (three working days is preferred).

What can I use the reimbursements for? University of Oregon events on or off campus. Consider using the reimbursements for a campus lecture, an event like Take Back the Night or the Willamette Valley Folk Festival, or something like a theater production or musical performance.

Can I use it more than once? Yes, but our funds are limited. If looking for long-term childcare assistance, try the ASUO Child Care Subsidy.

How much is reimbursed? It depends on how much funding we have, but we usually reimburse up to 50 dollars. Where does the money come from? This program is supported solely by donations and fund-raised funds. If you would like to make a contribution or lend a hand with our fundraising efforts, please contact  541-346-4099

Child Care Reimbursement





PRINT Click here for Child Care Subsidy Invoice

 Book Aid- Now taking applications for Fall Term

The ASUO Women’s Center has a library with textbooks as well as novels. Please check out our collection before buying books. In addition, we purchase textbooks for the library each term. If you are interested in us purchasing one of your textbooks that you could check out for the term, complete a Book Aid application. 

Click here for Book Aid application

Live Your Dream Award Program

Sandy Downey-Sjoblom

The Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards (formerly the Women’s Opportunity Awards) assists women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects. Plus, two education grants of $1,500.00. These cash awards are to offset any costs associated with the recipients efforts to attain higher education – including tuition, books, supplies, child care, or transportation costs.

Click here for application for Live Your Dream Award

Mary Minner Scholarship (currently taking applications for Fall term)

Mary Minner was born on September 30, 1921 in a small Pennsylvania Dutch town. At a time when most young people finished their education in 8th grade, she graduated from Villa Maria Academy and was offered the opportunity to continue on to college. Mary chose to help her family and married at 23 and in 20 years gave birth to 12 children. Even though her formal education stopped at 18, she continued learning throughout her lifetime. Helping others was a code Mary lived her life by and the Women’s Center is honored to present a scholarship in her name.

The Mary Minner Scholarship is a limited source of assistance for students with financial need who are enrolled at the University of Oregon. The recipient of the scholarship will receive an award that is applicable to educational expenses that one has incurred/will incur as a student. The Women’s Center awards this scholarship to admitted UO students per academic term (not including summer term).

 The Mary Minner Scholarship is a one time, cash award given out quarterly. To qualify students must:

  •          Be enrolled as a student at UO
  •          Sophomore, junior or senior status
  •          Returning to school after a gap in their education of at least 5 years
  •          Be in financial need

Priority given to:

  •          Self-identified women
  •          Students who have delayed their education to take care of others

With this application,please submit the following:

1.   a resume that includes education history, employment history,volunteer work,and references

2.   answers to the supplemental questions provided on the form below


The deadline for applications is Friday of deadweek.  Late applications will be accepted; however, they will not be given priority.



Or fill the PDF application out at the link below and bring your completed application to the Women’s Center addressed with “Attn: Non-Trad”.

Click here for application for Mary Minner Scholarship

2016 Corvallis Woman’s Club Scholarship

The Corvallis Woman’s Club was founded in May of 1883. The mission of the Club was to  provide women opportunities outside the home. The Woman’s Club heartily supported the Corvallis Public Library, providing the property on which the library was built. The club also played a major role in the establishment of  Central Park through lobbying the City Council, who had plans to turn the spot into another parking lot. The Woman’s Club disbanded in the Fall of 1994. Prior to disbanding, the Club established a fund with Benton Community Foundation (BCF) to be used for scholarships for junior or senior women attending an accredited institution of higher education.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be a female junior or senior attending an accredited institution of higher education.

2. Graduated from Benton County High School

3. Cumulative GPA must be above 3.0

4. Preference given to applicants engaged in an active role in the community, through volunteerism, or civic engagement.

How to apply

 Application materials and more information can be found on the BCF website:

 Deadline for Corvallis Woman’s Club Scholarship is February 29, 2016.