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Office Assistant


The ASUO Women’s Center seeks to provide leadership skills through employment and empowerment.  Our center focuses on bridging classroom learning and student activism.  Student Coordinator positions comprise the heart of the center’s services and programming efforts.

The center provides information, support, and services to facilitate education around issues of feminism, women and gender.  It fosters an atmosphere where students, staff, and faculty can engage in discussions and activities that empower women as individuals and as a community.  Services include, but are not limited to: resources and referral, advocacy, events planning and coordination, support groups, the center’s quarterly magazine, community outreach, and cultural events co-sponsored with other student organizations.

Integral to all of our work is the commitment to examining intersecting oppressions and creating conditions that allow for all people to share safely and equally in the opportunities and resources provided by UO. These support services are designed to reflect and enhance the unique goals, expectations, and aspirations of all students. Programs and services also assist students in addressing contemporary issues confronting them.

The ASUO Women’s Center acknowledges and serves women of different racial, ethnic and class backgrounds, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, political view, and national origin, and is committed to being a multicultural program that sustains and integrates different perspectives and sensibilities.  The center is committed to promoting an environment of mutual understanding where all individuals are respected.

The Mission

The mission of the ASUO Women’s Center is to advocate for the best educational and working environment for the women at the University of Oregon.  We accomplish this by working toward societal change, the ending of oppression and by supporting personal growth.

Term of Contract:

9 months (September through June)


Work-study: Monthly salary. Qualifying hours begin September 2015 @ $10.00/hour and hours will be spread out to last the entire year. Annual award is divided so one third can be used each term.


Office assistants are the public face of all work of the Women’s Center. Office assistants lead general awareness campaigns about the Women’s Center’s programs, events and services. Office assistants work as part of a 20 person staff, under the direction of the Women’s Center Director and Office Coordinator. Office Assistants are the glue of the office.


  • Develop high visibility awareness campaigns for the Women’s Center
    • Class raps each term about WC and resources
    • Tabling about our office
    • Create promotional items
    • Develop innovative ways to promote involvement of the general student body in the Women’s Center
  • Serve as a greeter in the Women’s Center by:
    • welcoming people to the office and helping them feel they belong
    • providing support, information and referrals and explain our services
    • being up to date on Women’s Center events in order to provide necessary information to visitors and callers
    • update desk resource guide with current staff contact information, schedule, and information about events
    • being aware of what visitors want and need
    • maintaining the social area in the lounge and front desk
    • offering a hospitable and problem-solving attitude to visitors
    • assisting visitors who use the Women’s Center library
    • Seek out resources when unaware so no one coming to the Women’s Center feels under-served
  • Serve on one planning committee with a Coordinator and act as a liaison to the Office Assistant meetings
  • Facilitate Feminist Recognitions with the office team
  • Organize the toiletry drive with local domestic violence service provider for Dating/Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) programming.
  • General office support:

–          photocopying

  • Assists with advertising for all center-related events

–      Posting fliers and posters throughout all campus buildings and 13th Avenue

–      Visiting student unions and academic departments

–      Ground staking and table tents

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and one other approved student union/community meeting per week
  • Attending weekly Office Assistant meetings


Inter-office support:

  • Assist with the functioning of the center (answering phones, taking messages, greeting people, etc.)
  • General office support including photocopying, delivering, picking up, or posting materials on campus, working on special projects, assisting with mailings, keeping the display area current, fundraising and maintaining the library
  • In conjunction with Program Coordinator, manage budget that includes coordinating center events and reviewing and approving requests for co-sponsorships made to the center.



  • Attend mandatory Women’s Center events throughout the year (one per issues/related coordinator), including:
    • Domestic Violence Awareness Month toiletry drive and Red Zone sexual assault awareness campaign: October 2015
    • Women’s Center Open House: October 2015
    • Women of Color Speaker Series: Winter 2015
    • Attend mandatory budget hearing during Winter term
    • International Women’s Day: March 8, 2016
    • Take Back the Night: April 30, 2016
    • OUT/LOUD Queer and Trans Women’s Music Festival:  May, 2016
  • Develop budget request and defend for upcoming year (winter term)
  • Attend three mandatory staff trainings/retreats (one per term)
    • Fall Training October 2-4
    • Winter Training January 9th
    • Spring 2016

Prerequisite skills/requirements:

  • Ability to work and learn with people from diverse backgrounds; to work under occasional time pressure; to listen, communicate and write effectively; to take directions and follow through on projects and assignments; to have self-initiative; to meet time commitments on scheduled work hours; to attend weekly staff meetings and occasional training sessions.
  • Must have a personal commitment and sensitivity to creating a welcoming environment for all women (including, but not limited to, women of color, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women, nontraditional students, international women, mothers, disabled women and members of all religious and ethnic groups).
  • Must have the ability to multitask
  • Understanding of intersectionality of all underrepresented communities and why our services for all women reflect on multiple communities.
  • Willingness to be challenged and grow in a supportive environment.
  • Education about or commitment to feminism is preferred.

How to Apply

Applicants are screened and the top candidates are extended interviews.

Reporting Relationship

Office Assistants report to the Office Coordinator of the Women’s Center.

Applications Due September 2, 2015 at 5pm.


An equal-opportunity, affirmative action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act


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