Fall Record 5W-2T-3L
Fall Standing T-3rd
Nationals Record 3W-2L
Nationals Standing Top 4
Winter Record 0W-0L
Spring Record 2W-1T-1L
OSU Tournament Standing 3rd
Overall Year Record 10W-3T-6L

           Date Opponent Result Match type
11-Oct at Portland State University T 0-0 fall league
12-Oct  Western Oregon University W 5-0 fall league
18-Oct  Southern Oregon University W 3-2 fall league
19-Oct at Oregon State University Moved fall league
26-Oct  Oregon State University L 3-0 fall league
7-Nov Lewis & Clark W 6-2 fall league
8-Nov at University of Portland  T 0-0 fall league
15-Nov at Oregon State University  moved fall league
16-Nov at Southern Oregon university  L 1-0 fall league
20-Nov Boston College  W 1-0 Nationals
20-Nov  Arkansas  L 1-0  Nationals
21-Nov CU Colorsdo Springs  W 7-0 Nationals
21-Nov Northeastern  W 2-1 Nationals
22-Nov  University of Central Florida  L 3-0 Nationsls
6-Dec  Lewis & Clark  L 2-1  fall league
                                                                         7-Dec  Western Oregon University W 2-1  fall league
18-April  Southern Oregon University  W 4-0  Oregon State Invitational
18-April  Portland Community College  W 5-1  Oregon State invitational
                                                                     18-April Whitman T 2-2 Oregon State Invitational