University of Oregon

Match History

Fall Record 8W-1T-1L
Fall Standing 2nd
Regionals Record 3W-2L
Regionals Standing 3rd
Winter Record 2W-1L
Spring Record 5W-0L
OSU Tournament Standing 1st
Overall Year Record 18W-1T-4L

Date Opponent Result Match type
29-Sep PSU W 3-0 fall league
7-Oct at UP L 1-2 fall league
14-Oct at SOU W 4-0 fall league
20-Oct at PCC W 3-1 fall league
21-Oct OSU W 1-0 fall league
26-Oct Bosie State U W 4-0 regionals
27-Oct Salt Lake CC W 3-1 regionals
27-Oct Weber State L 0-1 regonals
28-Oct Utah Valley State W 4-2 regionals
29-Oct U of Utah L 0-3 regionals
2-Nov at PSU W 4-2 fall league
3-Oct PCC W 3-0 fall league
10-Nov at OSU W 3-2 fall league
17-Nov UP T 3-3 fall league
1-Dec SOU W 2-1 fall league
16-Feb Gonzaga L 3-2 winter friendly
23-Feb WSU W 3–0 winter friendly
28-Feb NCU W 4-0 winter friendly
13-Apr WOU W 3-1 OSU tournament
13-Apr SOU W 4-0 OSU tournament
14-Apr OSU W 2-1 OSU tournament
20-Apr Willamette U W 1-0 spring friendly
23-Apr NCU W 3-0 spring friendly