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Tryouts for the 2014/2015 team are now over.

Thank you to all that came out and congratulations to those who made the team.

Go Ducks!




  1. Why arent the ducks mens soccer team on the ducks athetic page and are they as big as the girls team i want to come and play for the ducks when i go to college because of you having the best facilities and great apnosphere and acadamics but i want to play for a big soccer program and i can barley find anything about mens soccer

  2. Hey! I am wondering if you guys give soccer scholarships and how do we get one? I live in Alabama, and do you guys recruit in the state Alabama?

  3. Hi, I was wondering as well if you guys gave out soccer scholarships. I live in Florida and I would love to play for Oregon. I’m not quite old enough yet but I would like to play for you guys.

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