Mission Statement:

The Multicultural Center (MCC) recognizes the University of Oregon’s obligation and mission to develop a campus that meets the needs of students in general and students of color, and underrepresented students in particular. It is the goal of the MCC to fulfill this imperative by creating a space that contributes substantially to the educational, social and cultural development of its constituents. Further, we collaboratively support and participate in other programs and organization that mirror our mission and goals.


We are committed to serve in the following capacities:

1) Serve as a clearinghouse of information, linking students to various opportunities, services and resources.

2) Provide support of student academic research and pro-active extra curricular /co-curricular activities.

3) Promote leadership development.

4) Coordinate social activities.

5) Develop educational workshops forums and conferences.

6) Provide services that reflect our mission.

7) Provide a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the University Community to interact and learn from each other.

The founding philosophy from which the MCC asserts its goals and mission is based on creative cooperation, embracing and honoring differences, mutual respect, and reciprocity. Therefore, the MCC exists as an educational and cultural resource center which serves as a vehicle to express and represent the needs and concerns of the University’s increasingly diverse community. The Multicultural Center is a tremendous opportunity to engage in the discussion of race, culture, ethnicity, and multiculturalism while furthering the academic success of students of color with respect to their intersectional identities and positionalisties and thereby enriching the campus community as a whole.