Hey all!

Thank you if you joined us for either one of our two events last week. We had an inspiring time with Sonny Montes and an engaging conversation over student activism. For week two, we have another set of events lined up and open to everyone who is interested.

For Thursday, October 6th, we have an Indigenous Solidarity Day event. The event will feature the film: “Return of Navajo Boy.” It will be followed by speakers from the Navajo Nation, who struggle against nuclear contamination as miners. We are very honored to have a speaker who have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer commit to this event. We strongly recommend students, staff and anyone interested to join us at 6:30pm in the Fir Room, this Thursday.

To follow that up, this Friday, the Multicultural Center will have an open house event. That’s October 7th, at 4pm in the Multicultural Center. Everyone is welcomed to partake in this mingling event, complimented by live music.

Thank you for your interest in the MCC, we look forward to meeting you at our events!