Hey everyone,

We have a few update this week about MCC events and hiring!

For starters, the Multicultural Center is now looking for new aspiring students for fall of next year! Applications can be found at the MCC door and will be due May 12th, 2011. For more information, please visit this link:


On a related note, if you are interested in employment for next year, would like to connect to other student unions, or just want to relax for a weekend, then you should know that the MCC is holding it’s Spring retreat week 8 of classes. That is the 27th through the 29th of May! We will be headed over to the coast for the weekend to hang out, run a few workshops and network. If you are interested, there is a sign up sheet floating around, so feel free to inquire about it from someone on staff or talk to Steve Morozumi.

Last but not least, we have some upcoming events if anyone’s interested!

A Safer Sex Workshop for Queer People that Sleep with Women!
Friday May 6, 2011 at 3:30pm
At the LGBTQA Office, 34 EMU
(1st floor, EMU-below Pando Express)
Refreshments-Pegasus Pizza
With Special guest facilitator:
Celiany Rivera-Velazquez, Ph.D.
Assistant Director-LGBTQ Student Center, New York University
This is the real deal. This workshop is about what we are *actually*
doing in intimate spaces. You are probably not going to get this
information from your doctor, parents or professors: “Are dental dams
better for anal or vaginal sex?” or “What entails more risk:
‘scissoring’ or ’69’?” Join us for a night if sexual mapping, small
group discussions and consensus building around the risk of our actual
practices. We will also provide STD 101 info that goes beyond
prevention, alternative and fun protection options, and non-traditional
bedroom fun! This work shop is opened to lesbian, fluid and bisexual
women, queer women, female-bodied folks that do not identify as women,
people that identify as women that are not female-bodied, and their
Sponsored by: MCC, LGBTQA, LGBTESSP, Women’s Center

For more info-contact: Nina Bautista, Alex Esparza or Steve at 346-4321
or by email andreina@uoregon.edu aesparza1@uoregon.edu


Seattle’s “Put This On The Map” Film Screening “Reteaching Gender and Sexuality”

Monday May 9, 2011 at 12:00pm
At the Multicultural Center Office, 33 EMU
(1st floor, EMU-below Pando Express)

Reteaching Gender & Sexuality is a message about queer youth action and resilience. The video was generated to contribute additional queer/trans youth voices to the national conversations about queer/trans youth lives. Reteaching Gender & Sexuality intends to steer the conversation beyond the symptom of bullying, to consider systemic issues and deeper beliefs about gender and sexuality that impact queer youth. We invite you to share the video with your friends, family and networks; we invite you to share with us what THIS issue means to you!

For more info on the project: http://www.putthisonthemap.org/

We will be providing sandwiches/refreshments