Cart De Frisco

This week we shifted our focus to the awesome food carts around the University of Oregon. The first one on your list is Cart De Frisco located on the corner of 13th and Kincaid St on campus. They have a simple selection of dishes centered around the star of the dish, chicken. Here is a review of two of the dishes:

Chicken with noodles – Tyler Harding

Chicken with noodles

I’m not sure how well the picture of my dish portrays the scale of this meal, but it was hearty to say the least. Had I not been so greedy I could have easily stretched it out into two meals, which would make the cost per meal attractive even to a broke college student.

I was extremely pleased with my chicken and noodles. There’s a wonderful variety of ingredients and textures at play, and the Frisco folks make their own sauces for a distinct flavor. I strongly recommend paying these folks a visit.

Chicken with rice – Daniel Mundra

Chicken with riceFrisco cart is becoming one of my favorite carts on campus. It is a very a simple concept and very tasty. I like the chicken with rice because it reminds me dishes I used to love to eat when I lived in Singapore. The grilled chicken is cooked well and is generously doused in a combination of sauces one of which is a spicy sauce. Definitely go with the spicy sauce. It is not a firestorm but it add a good amount of spice to the dish making it very enjoyable.