Co-sponsorship Request Process

In order to make our jobs easier, (and to appease the bureaucratic machinery of the ASUO,) we’ve decided to post some basic guidelines we hope will help people when requesting funding from the SC.

1. Grab our new Co-sponsorship Request Application: Co-sponsorship request

2. Fill it out and return it to a co-director or the SC mailbox in the ASUO office.

3. Keep in mind that the ASUO wants us to take care of money changing hands at least three weeks in advance, especially if it is a personal service contract. Additionally if you are requesting funding for someone who is not a U.S. citizen, the ASUO wants us to take care of it six weeks in advance.

4. It also never hurts to come to the Co-director meeting and plead your case in person.

Remember, this money is for you! Take advantage of it!



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