Countdown to May Day! Abolition April Final 3!

National Political Prisoner Support with the Never Alone Tour
TONIGHT! Thursday, April 26th 2012
7-9pm Ben Linder Room
Event is free and open to the public!

The nationwide Never Alone tour will be crisscrossing the country in April 2012, featuring the usual suspects speaking about long-term anarchist prisoner support. Focusing specifically on the cases of Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, the tour will mark the spots where the events of these cases unfolded, using multimedia presentations to bring the facts of these cases to light.

As well as raising awareness and support for Eric and Marie, the tour will also feature strategizing about how to more effectively grow a culture of resistance that can breach the prison walls and sustain us and our friends for the long term, a security culture beyond 101 workshop (updated for 2012, now with extra tech!) and some awesome guest speakers. Truly, you won’t want to miss this.

Queer Resistance in the Age of Austerity: A Presentation by Tegan Eanelli and Fray Baroque; editors of “Queer Ultra Violence: Bash Back! Anthology”
TOMORROW! Friday, April 27th 2012
7-9pm, Survival Center, University of Oregon EMU
Free event! Potluck dinner provided!

As capitalism and the state are thrown into deeper and deeper crisis, queers and all others historically excluded from both formal economies and from the safety net of the nuclear family, will bear the brunt of the age of austerity. Reflecting critically on the past several years of radical queer action and imagination, the editors of Bash Back! Queer Ultraviolence will attempt to navigate queer space and potential in a world torn by crisis. Through this talk, Eanelli and Baroque will present a series of proposals for action and survival, taking as their starting point the position of queer autonomy and queer revolt against the State and Capital. This lecture will theorize queer gangs, self-defense networks, occupations, communes and a praxis of vengeance.

Love and Struggle Book Tour: My Life in SDS, the Weather Underground and Beyond
Monday, April 30th 2012
7pm, Ben Linder room, University of Oregon EMU
Completely Free Event!

“A nice Jewish boy from suburban Boston—hell, an Eagle Scout!—David Gilbert arrived at Columbia University just in time for the explosive Sixties. From the early anti-Vietnam War protests to the founding of SDS, from the Columbia Strike to the tragedy of the Townhouse, Gilbert was on the scene: as organizer, theoretician, and above all, activist. He was among the first militants who went underground to build the clandestine resistance to war and racism known as “Weatherman.” And he was among the last to emerge, in captivity, after the disaster of the 1981 Brink’s robbery, an attempted expropriation that resulted in four deaths and long prison terms. In this extraordinary memoir, written from the maximum-security prison where he has lived for almost thirty years, Gilbert tells the intensely personal buy cialis online story of his own Long March from liberal to radical to revolutionary. “

Presented by Walidah Imarisha, a poet, activist, educator and independent journalist. Walidah has taught at canadian pharmacy no prescription Portland State University in the Black Studies Department. She is the bad half of the poetry duo Good Sista/Bad Sista.  Her poetic, political and academic work centers around prisons, creating community based alternatives and institutions and the intersection of oppression.