A deeper look into local resources for homeless individuals in Eugene.

By: Sara Bianchetti

  1. David H. Gerber is the founder and editor of The Oregon Vagabond Motivator, a locally run newspaper written and sold entirely by homeless people.  He is the backbone behind this organization who supports and gives voice to homeless individuals who lack structure and a place in society. Emaileditor@oregonvagabond.com
  2. Eugene Mission is a Gospel Rescue Mission that provides multiple resources such as food, shelter, clothing and other social services for homeless individuals in Lane County. Homeless individuals are treated like guests in this welcoming environment and are given daily meals, a place to sleep, and a gospel message each night if wanted. Phone  541.344.3251
  3. First Place Family Center in Eugene is a day care for homeless families with children and pregnant women.  This agency provides services including employment training, transportation for an Interfaith Night Shelter during the year, and basic necessities like clothing, shelter, and food. It is focused specifically on homeless individuals who have children and need the support.   Phone : 541.342.7728
  4. Ron is a street vendor for the Oregon Vagabond Motivator, which is a street paper.  He religiously sells the newspaper in downtown Eugene to locals.  According to David, the editor of the paper, Ron has been a major asset to the paper and has sold more papers than any other vendor. Address: 601 W.13th Street
  5. Josie McCarthy is in charge of The Dining Room, which is a meal site in downtown Eugene that Lane County operates Monday through Thursday.  The Dining Room is a restaurant that provides dinner to homeless individuals at no cost.  It is a welcoming atmosphere that includes all individuals and makes them feel like they have a place.   Address: 270 W. 8th Avenue in Eugene between Lincoln and Charnelton. Phone (541) 343-2822