The University of Oregon Sailing Team website is finished. Not only does it work today but, barring any nuclear apocalypse, it should continue to work with minimal upkeep from the new webmaster. Webmaster you ask, that right, the team is currently looking for someone to stand up to the challenge. The best person for the roll will have an interest in blogging and social networking, the skills you learn will be useful in the future. Tasks include:

  • Writing a weekly blog post about the previous regatta or more if you desire.
  • Uploading pictures to the PICASA account for viewing on the sailing site.
  • Making changes to the contact information as leadership roles change.
  • Acting as the website moderator.

Depending on how savvy the new webmaster is they will be able to add to that list as they please. They could even redesign parts of the site as they see fit by adding new pages with more information. Remember, this is a learning experience and after you succeed as webmaster you will have learned:

  • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Google Analytics for managing website traffic and sources.
  • How to manage a blog
  • HTML and CSS (based on desire)

Additionally, you will be giving back to a community of sailors that love what they do. You will be the prime source for new members because most new member will becoming through the website. In becoming the webmaster you will receive an in-depth guide on how to manage the new WordPress website. If you have questions you can always ask the original administration. If you are interested in the position please contact the team leaders and they will get you in touch with me.

In case you didn’t know, the original administration was Taylor Chittick with banners made by Josh McHale. We are both UO Sailing Alumni helping with a desire to do what we love. We made the site to both give back to the team and to polish our skills.

The Gorge 2008

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