University of Oregon

The Runquist Project:

A Response to Two Murals

The Runquist Project: A Response to Two Murals is a collaboration between the Digital Scholarship Center and the students, staff, faculty and public of University of Oregon. This project looks to create a dialogue centered on two murals, by Oregon artists, found in the Knight Library that portray the evolution of arts and sciences. The murals also portray notions from the 1930s we may no longer find acceptable. This artwork was installed in Knight Library during its original construction; today, the messages in this artwork might not be found in pieces chosen for public spaces. The murals also depict figures and ideas about race and ethnicity that reflect the social norms of the time they were created. The murals raise questions about the retention and display of monuments and artwork in a public setting depicting a history that we may no longer see as worthy of celebration. This project and site include the history and more contemporary responses to the pieces. We encourage ongoing dialogue and exploration of these issues. If you want additional information or would like to be involved please email:
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