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The Richmond group: using lasers to illuminate the world.

Happy holidays from the Richmond lab!

Give this picture a click, and if you’re seeing double, it’s not from the eggnog!

From left-to-right: Jet Meitzner, Regina Ciszewski, Andrew Carpenter, Laura McWilliams, Priscilla Lewis, Dr. Sumi Wren, Bri Gordon, Dr. Geri Richmond, Dr. Clive Kittredge, and Dr. Jenny Hensel

Our cartoonishly fun Halloween!

From left-to-right: Brandon “Freakazoid” Schabes, Clive “Bamm-Bamm” Kittredge, Jenny “Pebbles” Hensel, Andrew “Nigel Thornberry” Carpenter, Laura “Daria” McWilliams, Sumi “Sailor Jupiter” Wren, Bri “The Frizz” Gordon, Nick “Bullwinkle” Valley, Jet “The Genie-ous” Meitzner, Priscilla Lewis, Geri “Riding-Hood” Richmond, Regina “Powerpuff” Ciszewski

The Richmond Labbers go to a baseball game and have a dance party

Goodbye sushi lunch for Ellen’s graduation!

From left to right: Andrew Carpenter, Jet Meitzner, Dr. Nick Valley, Dr. Geri Richmond, Dr. Ellen Robertson, Dr. Sumi Wren, Dr. Clive Kittredge, Dr. Jennifer Hensel, Bri Gordon, Priscilla Lewis, Laura McWilliams, Brandon Schabes, Regina Ciszewski

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