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We’re located in EMU Suite 30, next to the Multicultural Center and right below Panda Express in the EMU at the University of Oregon!

Send inquiries to, or give us a call at 541-346-3508…. Please keep in mind that we’re college kids and we’re kind of flaky sometimes because of midterms/tests/and a million other things we try to juggle. We love hearing from folks about any programming we do, but give us a call or send us another email if we don’t reply soon.



  1. amalia cervantes

    Buenos Dias,
    Necesito información sobre cuando el consulado mexicano va a estar aqui en Eugene, para hacer una diligencia (matricula) con mi hija Karen. ¿Como puedo consiguir una cita? Muchas Gracias, Amalia Cervantes

  2. Daniel Osuna

    Congratulations on your continued success with La Raza Unida Youth Conferences. I hope that some day you may get your group to Google Daniel Osuna and watch 500 of Resistance on Line on you tube.

    For The Positive Revolution – M.E.Ch.A.
    Daniel R. Osuna

  3. Casey Tiemann

    I am a counselor at Roosevelt Middle School and I am very interested in developing a relationship with MEChA with our Latina students. Please advise on how I would go about getting the process started.

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