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MEChA’s meetings are every Wednesday

at 6pm in the MCC (under panda express)

Please join us!!!

Cultural Festival Ducks Have Talent


Come join us for an awesome event on May 21st @ 6pm in the Bonus Room which is across the soccer fields on campus.

This event is a combination of talent with panelist that will be talking about social issues that are present today and how they have affected our school and students. This event’s goal is to educated people and become more aware of these issues.

Issues discussed will be…

Tuition Equity
Angeles del Desierto
women’s Issues


Winter Time Carousal
Break Dancing Battle
Acoustic Guitarist
Rap Musicians
Beat Boxing
And more

Free food, entertainment and knowledge!
Time: Saturday, May 21 at 6PM
Location: Bonus Room at the REC Center

Which Way Home

Which Way Home:
Film screening and Clothing drive
May 18th, 7pm
115 Lawrence

About the film: As the United States continues to build a wall between itself and Mexico, Which Way Home shows the personal side of immigration through the eyes of children who face harrowing dangers with enormous courage and resourcefulness as they endeavor to make it to the United States.

The film follows several unaccompanied child migrants as they journey through Mexico en route to the U.S. on a freight train they call “The Beast.” Director Rebecca Cammisa(Sister Helen) tracks the stories of children like Olga and Freddy, nine-year-old Hondurans who are desperately trying to reach their families in Minnesota, and Jose, a ten-year-old El Salvadoran who has been abandoned by smugglers and ends up alone in a Mexican detention center, and focuses on Kevin, a canny, streetwise 14-year-old Honduran, whose mother hopes that he will reach New York City and send money back to his family. These are stories of hope and courage, disappointment and sorrow.

They are the ones you never hear about – the invisible ones.

Clothing donations will benefit Angeles del Desierto, a non-profit volunteer organization that does search and rescue operations in the desert and mountainous regions of the border between the United States and Mexico. They aid search and rescue events, provide food, water, clothing and first aid emergency aid to people found in these extreme conditions until they can be taken to a place where they can receive further assistance. They work in coordination with other groups in both sides of the border in order to save the lives of those people that would surely perish because they lack basic needs such as water, food and appropriate clothing for the harsh conditions of the region. Angeles del Desierto is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization who is not in violation of any immigration laws.

The hottest and most dangerous months are ahead of us. Please support Angeles del Desierto in their human rights efforts by donating pants, shirts, socks, shoes, jackets and sweaters, and toiletries. Outside clothing and dress clothing are particularly sought.

Facebook event:

Event is sponsored by UO MEChA.
For more information, please visit or email Nora Alvarez at
This event is free, open to the public, and is wheelchair accessible.

links of interest:
which way home:
Angeles del Desierto:

Raza Unida Youth Conference


It is our pleasure to announce that M.E.Ch.A. de UO will be hosting the 7th annual Raza Unida Youth Conference (RUYC) on February 23, 2011.  As you may already know the RUYC is an all day event where we invite Latina/o high school students from Lane County and other parts of the state to come to our campus and participate in a day filled with workshops, Keynotes, a campus tour and the building of relationships.  The purpose of the RUYC is to empower youth and give them the necessary tools to access higher education while also giving them an introduction into important issues that are constantly affecting Latino/a and marginalized communities. Last year with your departments help, we hosted nearly 500 students that made the day a great success.  This year with your financial commitment and support, we are expecting to improve and make the experience of the students even more memorable and life changing.

The motto of Raza Unida Youth Conference for the year of 2011 is Educacion; El Derecho De La Raza! (Education; The Right of The People!).  With this in mind, this year’s conference theme will be Immigration through the Eyes de La Mujer (Immigration through the eyes of women).

Thank you to Community members, university students and faculty members that submitted a workshops for the RUYC. We are no longer accepting any workshops after today (2/17/2011) if you have any questions feel free to contact me at

On Monday (2/21/2011) all the presenters will receive information so look out for us in your email! We will see you all soon