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  1. Kickstarter Video

    May 1, 2013 by

    This video will help explain why we need your help in funding Kitty’s Morning Tea: Kinetic Theory of Matter for Kids.

    By donating to help reach our goal of $1,000, we’ve come up with a few ways to thank you:

    $1 – $10: A personalized thank you card

    $11 – $49: A picture of you, drawn as a cat!

    $50 – $99: A customized work of art

    $100 – $299: Your name printed on the Contributor’s Page in the book

    $300 – $499: We’ll name “Kitty” after YOU!

    $500+: A personalized storybook based on your ideas, sent right to your doorstep

    But remember that no matter what you donate, you’ll receive a digital copy of Kitty’s Morning Tea to share with friends and family!

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