Our Site Administrator and Staff Resources and Tools

The following tools exist for site administrators (i.e., designated person responsible for CIS at a specific school or agency) and staff to generate reports and customize CIS for their users:

Portfolio maintenance tools including:

      • Batch create portfolios for users (i.e., incoming students)
      • Batch transfer portfolios to a different site
      • Create parent accounts
      • Create groups and assign students to selective groups. Groups are used primarily for report generation
      • Tools for uploading and maintaining your course catalog
      • Tools for uploading and maintaining career pathways. Students may choose pathways to populate their Course Plans
      • Tools for creating, maintaining, and assigning Checklists
      • Messaging tools: Send messages to students and parents

Site and Group Reporting tools including:

    • Usage reports
    • Group summaries for selective exploration and assessment tools
    • Individual portfolio count and information

Curriculum Materials

  • The CIS Curriculum offers 182 lesson plans and 611 activities and projects. We designed this curriculum to assist educators in integrating career information and career development concepts into middle school and high school curriculum areas. We provide lesson plans for nine subject categories, with each lesson coded for one or more of three developmental levels, Common Core State Standards, National Career Development Association Guideline Domains, five career development themes, and the three American School Counselor Association domains. 

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