Making Better Career Decisions

Making Better Career Decisions (MBCD) is a free Internet tool that helps those engaged in career development choose a career or field of study by locating “promising options”. Using MBCD, users respond to questions regarding their career-related aspirations and preferences.

Responses are then compared with a national database, which contains information about occupational characteristics. This comparison helps the user identify occupations that are compatible with his or her preferences.  Completing the MBCD helps users learn about the stages that comprise career decision-making, as well as the array of relevant career factors.

Choosing a career is an important decision because we pay psychological and economical prices for wrong decisions. When the loss of potential income and the cost of education are taken into account, the loss becomes financially noteworthy.  In addition, students pay a  large psychological price, in the frustration, self-esteem loss, and dissatisfaction with their studies. It is worthwhile to invest time and thought when deciding what and where to study. If you help those who:

  • Are deliberating among a number of careers or educational alternatives,
  • Are considering a specific career direction but are not certain about their choice,
  • Have no direction yet,

Then use the MBCD with these folks.  The MBCD provides a concise list of occupations that are compatible with career-related preferences. MBCD guides users through a systematic career decision-making process to  make better decisions and save time and expenses.  Access MBCD free, click here.

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