To License CIS for Your State

State organizations license and provide CIS contents and software to schools, colleges and agencies in their states.  These organizations use CIS as the foundation of their state-based career information delivery systems. Twenty-one states currently license CIS from intoCareers. We call the organizations that license and manage localized CIS programs our CIS Operators. The map to your left shows the states with CIS Operators.

CIS Operators include state agencies, state universities and private, non-profit organizations–entities whose mission includes providing career development resources for citizens of their state. CIS Operators work collaboratively with intoCareers to add localized information and provide training and technical support to customers within their respective regions.

CIS Operators play a significant role in the development and enhancement of CIS. They bring firsthand knowledge of how schools, colleges and agencies use CIS in their states and provide valuable ideas and suggestions for our program’s enhancements. CIS Operators actively participate in conceptualizing, setting priorities for, and creating new career development products. We call the group of CIS Operators and intoCareers staff the “CIS Network.”

We strongly believe in state-based career information delivery systems, and our primary mission is to support operators of state-based systems. Our goal is to expand the membership in the CIS Network and to continue to provide the highest quality occupational and educational information products available.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a CIS Operator and licensing CIS for your state, please contact Dan Erdmann at 1-888-348-6247.

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