Our Career Information

Content is the most important element of CIS. We present content in a systematically integrated format, meaning that we link and interrelate all of our information, so users can easily move among related pieces of information to compare pertinent information and make informed choices about their career and college futures.  Users can  opt to print all or selected portions of the information they view. CIS information is organized into three main categories: Occupations, Education, and Employment. Here’s how we describe our content to our users:

Career Clusters
Explore broad categories of occupations that are grouped by the knowledge and skills they require.

Learn what people do in occupations, how much they earn, and how to prepare to enter an occupation.

Occupation Sort
Answer questions about your work-related preferences to generate a list of occupations you might be interested in.

About the Military
Learn about the branches of military service.  Find out about military life and explore the educational opportunities offered by the military.

Occupations Overview
An overview about what is an occupation and how occupations differ from jobs or careers.

Programs of Study
Explore your options for study after high school.  Find out what you can study, the program length, and what schools offer each program.

State Schools
View detailed information about schools in state. Find out about admissions requirements, tuition, and programs of study.

School Sort
Create a list of schools based on your answers to questions about your major, school costs, size, and location.

Paying for School
Find answers to common questions about financial aid. Learn how to apply for scholarships, grants, and loans.

Aid Sort
Create a list of scholarships and grants based on your answers to questions about your educational plans, abilities, and background.

State Scholarships
Access detailed information about scholarships and grants just for state residents. Find out if you qualify and how and when to apply.

Resume Creator
Create a resume that highlights your skills and abilities. Format your personal information and fine tune the display.

Job search
Organize information, start your search, and prepare for job interviews. Learn tips for negotiating your salary and benefits.

Job Success
Learn good job habits plus tips for working well with your supervisor and coworkers.

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