What Is Unique about intoCareers and CIS?

We create systematically integrated, comprehensive, and high quality career information with outstanding guidance tools to help our users become career and college ready.

We work with state level labor and education agency leaders whose missions include the provision of career guidance resources to those they serve. These “CIS operators” shape the look and contents of CIS, and they provide our system to students, clients, customers, and employees to facilitate their career planning and career transition processes.  The information that we develops is comprehensive; for example:

  • CIS reports the current employment, wages, outlook, hiring practices, preparation, and licensing, in addition to the skills, abilities, and knowledge required for each occupation in CIS. Our occupations cover 95% of the labor market.
  • CIS describes over 550 post-secondary programs of study or training offered within one of over 40 program categories. We cover more than 90 topics of information, from admission requirements and costs to services for students with disabilities, for post-secondary schools.
  • CIS includes comprehensive scholarship and financial aid information, listing national, state, and local awards along with a tool to sort the entries based upon individual characteristics and preferences.
  • CIS includes self-employment, job search, industries, green jobs, and military information.

We deliver CIS systematically
Each piece of our information is linked to all other relevant information to create a highly integrated system of career information. Professional information analysts collect, analyze, review, and edit every piece of information in CIS annually. Our analysts use a wide variety of data sources and generate additional information from their own questionnaires. Our users can be sure that each piece of information in CIS, and the links between the various pieces of our information in our system, has been thoroughly researched with the concerns of the career and college planner in mind.

We provide powerful career assessments
And guidance tools to help our users learn more about themselves: their interests, values, skills, personalities, and career guidance needs. After using CIS career assessments, guidance, and exploration tools, users link seamlessly to related occupational information.

We have checklists, planners,  a school tracker, and a portfolio
To help  our users stay on track for achieving career and college goals. We encourage our users to store their assessments, favorite career information, resumes and pertinent work samples in their CIS portfolio. CIS portfolios can be shared with guests, such as college and scholarship representatives.

We provide responsive service
Our training and support staff assure your successful implementation and use of CIS.  We are available 24/7 to respond to your technical and training concerns.  We provide training and instructional manuals, tutorials and user quickstarts that assure you and your users can use CIS easily.  We will help you plan how to implement CIS in your state or program.

We have been creating and delivering CIS for over 40 years
We have been in the business of developing and delivering the highest quality career information for over forty years. Our experience and focus on responsive services, information and product quality help us stand apart from our competitors.

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