Our Values

We create research-based information and products
We develop products to facilitate career development based on sound research and practice.

We value quality
We apply the highest quality standards to the content, software, and materials we develop.

We embrace innovation
We utilize new technologies, create new content, and design new processes to meet the needs of the people who use our products.

We foster accessibility
We design products to enable access by a broad range of people including those with limited English or limited access to technology and those with physical disabilities.

We support open architecture
We design our products so that state-level organizations can easily add value and tailor the product to meet the needs of their users.

We value collaboration
We seek the input of all stakeholders adding value to, or using, our products.

We provide responsive services
We provide the service needed to ensure successful implementation and use of our products.

We promote sustainable funding
We set license fees to balance adequate funding for program activities with the limited resources of licensees.

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