Macaca mulatta male and femaleMy Lab, Primate Osteology Laboratory in Condon 304, houses the UO Comparative Primate Collection. The collection was originally compiled by Dr. Theodore I. Grand during his tenure as morphologist at the Oregon National Primate Research Center (Beaverton, OR) and includes non-human primate (n=600) and mammalian (n=125) skeletal remains. Dr. Grand and Dr. Maurice Zingeser (Oregon Health Sciences University) have published research based on the analysis of specimens in this collection, many of which have genealogical and life history data records associated with them. Current Excel database of the primates in the collection is at: UO Primate Osteology Collection – primates only and the non-primate database is at: UO Osteology Collection – Non-primates

Lomako rangingMy lab also contains the Primate Data Laboratory, which is a computer lab devoted to the study of primate biology. This lab houses a dedicated GIS/GPS computer with large digitizing tablet and software for statistical analysis, and a RAID data storage system for large biological anthropology data sets and biological anthropology teaching resources.

These laboratories are used by graduate and undergraduate students in primatology, UO faculty and visiting scientists.

Primate Ecology and Evolution at the University of Oregon France

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