Mac OSX and Firefox contextual menu (aka 'right click' menu) from the keyboard

I’ve been hoping for a ‘right click’ key shortcut on the mac for years. PC’s have that functionality built in and it’s aggravating to have to pick up the mouse just to take advantage of a spell check suggestion. Alack! Some features seem to exist only in the contextual menu; their menu bar equivalent buried 12 levels deep, and then nested in the 4th tab of a preferences menu. Mice have their place but efficiency triumphs if you can keep your fingers on the keyboard. I still shudder at the lack of keyboard shortcuts for the menu bar. Granted, mac users have Ctrl+F2 but that highlights the apple menu and take for example Alt+T, Ctrl+F2 requires a number of ‘arrows’ to get to the Tools menu. Tolerable but inadequate. Well happy days, I just stumbled upon the contextual menu keyboard shortcut in Firefox: Ctrl+Space. Lovely! I’ve used it six times already to correct misspellings (seven times [two s’s in misspellings]) in this post. On a hunch, I just checked the about:config page and typed in context. Sure enough there is now an entry for dom.event.contextmenu.enabled which defaults to true. Hooray Firefox! Thanks for looking out my carpal tunnels!
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