Hanna Ranch: Think Local First & Know Your Farmers

Hanna Ranch Maggie Hanna RARE AmeriCorps Resource Assistance for Rural Environments

It was almost a year ago when I received an application from current RARE AmeriCorps member, Maggie Hannah.  I can still remember reading through her application and being completely blown away.  Well written essays, extensive experience in the community development field, and a passion to live and work in a rural setting… sold!

Here we are, months later and Maggie is definitely making a difference via her RARE AmeriCorps placement with Mid Columbia Economic Development District where she is rolling out the Agora Platform.  Yet, little did I know that a movie was being developed, which documented Kirk Hannah’s (Maggie’s Father) efforts to protect the Hannah Ranch, the West and a once prominent way of life, from the unprecedented development occurring on Colorado’s Front Range.

According to the Director of Hannah Ranch, Mitch Dickman, “Hanna Ranch touches upon issues of conservation, the environment, responsible food production, family and tragedy – and how to overcome them all.” Recently premiered in the The Gorge (Hood River, Oregon), Hanna Ranch was received with rave reviews from local farmers, ranchers, and community members passionate about ‘Think Local First’ and ‘Know your Farmer’ initiatives.

Margaret Hanna Maggie Hanna RARE AmeriCorps Resource Assistance for Rural Environments

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